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Safelist link views earn "view credits" towards ad "post points"!

NOTE: This is NOT one of those typical email safelists that you're use to... There are NO email ads and our members visit safelist ad links far beyond the "first page" of our site automatically!

The very unique feature about Live Link Cafe (NO Email) safelist is that members must earn "view credits" towards "post points" whenever they want to add a new link to the system. What this actually means is that members who are adding their link advertisments multiple times daily are "viewing links" very "deep" into the link pages, so link views do not get stale very quickly... even after dropping down several link pages.

You can see by our members frequent added link times that we are quickly becoming the most popular choice for FREE online safelist advertising!

WANT PROOF OF EFFECTIVENESS? Add your link to Live Link Cafe, then check your own website traffic statistics. (It won't cost you a cent)!

How to use: (It's very simple to use!)

  •  Every safelist link that you view will earn a certain number of "view credits" towards "post points" which allows you to add your own link to the system

  •  For every 10 links views that you earn, 1 live link post point will be added to your account

  •  You must view advertising link sites for a minimum of 5 seconds (up to 20 seconds) each to get credit for viewing that site

  •  You will not get credit for viewing the same link twice

  •  Your advertising link will be displayed in the order received just a few moments after you post (Sticky Links post at 10 pm PST)

  •  You must be (logged in) to earn view credits

  •  You must be (logged in) to post your link (add your URL)

  •  You will automatically receive 10 live link posts when you sign up with Live Link Cafe (NO email) safelist

  •  You will earn 100 live link posts points for each FREE sign up that you refer to Live Link Cafe (NO email) safelist

  •  You will be unable to submit more than 5 links on the first page at a time

  •  You cannot submit the same "URL" (or similar pages of the same website) until the link is no longer on the first page of Live Link Cafe (NO email) safelist

  •  FREE Premium 10 second view time Icon, Bold and 20 second Double Time links are available which will cost more "post points", BUT members will also earn MORE "view credits" for the longer wait time

  •  Paid Sticky Links are available which will keep your link in the left BONUS Points section on every link page for 5 days, 14 days, or 30 days

  •  Purchasing Post Points is available with every Sticky Link purchase


Link Rules: (Please read carefully! )

  1. NO "FRAME BREAKING" sites that jump the view counter window allowed. View default sites NOT allowed (below)!
  2. NO posting the "SAME WEBSITE" until "after" it has reached the second link page.
  3. NO Adult Oriented Messages or XXX Sites/Content.
  4. NO Porno, Adult, Illegal Or Warez Sites.
  5. NO Automatic Download Prompts. You will be banned!
  6. NO Flaming, Offensive, or Foul Language.
  7. NO Racial Or Drug-Related Or Other Illegal Content.
  8. NO More Than 1 Exit Pop-up Allowed. We will review complaints!
  9. NO using ALL "Capital Letters" in link descriptions ( Capital "First Letter" of each word Is Allowed )


* NOTE: Violation Of The Above Rules Will Result In Your Membership Being "Terminated" And Your IP "Blocked" From Our System Without Notice!